The energy transition is in full swing, however not yet fast enough. The climate accord has determined goals, but the results keep lagging behind on schedule. To make up for this backlog, more has to happen.

This is possible, with an important role for the truly sustainable sources: wind and solar power. Both are going through enourmous growths, and the cost prices of the produced energy continues to fall. A trend which will continue for the foreseeable future. Especially solar power has the potential to reach an even lower cost price level. Developments are ongoing on all fronts to make PV-panels perform even better and production processes are being optimised to reduce the price of panels.

New developments in multilayer concepts, such as the combination of reliable silicongel with perovskite are promising and will reduce cost prices even further. Reason enough to give particular attention to this market segment.

However, to generate a larger support base for large scale application, several aspects require attention. Next to reducing cost prices, meaning efficiency, the focus also lies in circularity, biodiversity, ecology, landscape integration, sociatal acceptance and especially: multifunctional use of farmland or any other terrain. These are all aspects where conventional solar panels do not score very high.

The folding and unfolcing of PV-panels as enabling technology.

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Axiturn’s challenge is to enable application of much more solar power in the rural area with the SolarBalance. This is perfectly possible with this new and unique concept, following the position of the sun, unfolding in normal weather and folding back to a small package in bad weather conditions. The second most important aspect of this concept is the possibility of enabling multifunctional use of farmland.

Not everyone is known with all aspects of solar power. Even more so when it comes to the specific aspects of the SolarBalance. Reason enough to name a few in particular:

  • Potential
  • Folding- and balancing system
  • Shadow function
  • Visually attractive and dynamic
  • Local power generation / local use
  • Effective and affordable
  • Scalability
  • Biodiversity, ecology and landscape experience united
  • Theme park?

These aspects all have a relation to generation of solar power in the outdoor area close to urban environments. There is much discussion ongoing concerning this topic, where the SolarBalance has not yet been taken into consideration. This of course has a clear cause: the concept is not yet well known.

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