Welcome to Axiturn, specialist in folding systems and applications. Designing advanced mechanical folding technology that makes folding and unfolding of large doors and solarpanels a breeze.

The basis of this specialism comes from the access technology industry. For more than four decades, knowledge and experience has been gained with the design of large folding access gates and doors that open and close quickly and safely. This also requires knowledge concerning mechanical drive systems and controlling. Together, they form the discipline of Axiturn.

Axiturn’s folding systems have proven the perfect solution for some of the most advanced projects in the industry of access technology. Key aspects are: robust, reliable and of course functional. For more than 10 years, gates are being opened and closed in all kinds of weather conditions. The experience gained with designing for these daily and uncountable cycles is now perfectly applicable for a new challenge:

Folding solar panels with unique Axiturn folding technology.

The potential of the folding technology developed by Axiturn is high. However, because almost no parties in the solar power industry are known with the folding concept, it will be a great challenge to apply this groundbreaking technology in the energy transition.

However simplicity and innovation go hand in hand in this concept, no one expects this folding technology to possibly provide the ultimate solution to one of the most important questions: how to realise multifunctional use of scarce farmland?