About Axiturn

Axiturn was founded by Piet Eikelenboom Axiturn’s goal is to apply the expertise in unique folding technology in new industries and products. With the knowledge and experience gained in the access technology industry as a solid foundation.

Piet Eikelenboom is a technical autodidact. From young age, working during the day was combined with evening studies. With the help of experiences colleagues, the intricacies of the trade were learned, wile the evening studies provided the theory and technical knowledge. Together forming the perfect basis to conceptualise and design new technologies and bringing these to practice.

The specialism is focused on moving and drive mechanisms of machines. Starting with design the and production of winches that were used in shipping. A specialty being the mechanisms for the anchor winch of the “Zwaardvis”-class submarines at the RDM (Rotterdamsche Droogdok Maatschappij) shipyard.

Followed by building up and working in his own company PEVAC (Piet Eikelenboom Vehicle Access Control) creating new and groundbreaking technologies introduced in the access control industry. PEVAC produced high-end access control gates, with projects all over the world for airports, embassies, banks and shipping ports, all protected with so called speedgates and road blockers.

The folding technology used for a speedgate were the inspiration to apply this same technology in folding and unfolding solar panels. The function of balancing was also added in the design. Still relatively unknown in the solar power industry, however highly functional.

Developing good concepts as an expert in folding technology, while using know-how and creative thinking. That is or passion. This might just product the groundbreaking innovation for the energy transition. That it can be just that simple, is also shown in the first model of the SolarBalance. Simple, yet promising.

Conceptual model of the SolarBalance